Arachnophilia (1.35MB) Windows 9x to HTML converter.
Banner Crafter (2MB) Great banner creation software.
Gas Relief (256KB) 

HTML Editor (840KB)html HTML editor.

Internet Explorer 5.5 ie 
Netscape Communicator 4.7 netscape 
Scribble 2000 (1.9MB)java A JavaScript, VBScript and DHTML editor.

Vbrun (1.3MB) Visual Basic runtime libraries.
Winzip (922KB)winzip Compression software. (recommended to unzip downloads from this site).


RealJukeBox (6.2MB) Play and record music.

Games / Flash

Becks (430KB) Dress up David Beckham.
Big Brother (450KB) Make the Big Brother contestnts into mince meat.
Board Meeting (475KB) Ease drop on this high profile meeting.
Boyakasha (410KB) Ali G in da House!
Catapult (500KB) Sssh! Don't tell the RSPCA.
Commodore 64 games (528KB) Some of the best games to play on the 64 emulator. Includes Out Run, Hypersports,Donkey Kong, Galaga,Rygar and the legendary Giana Sisters.
more Commodore 64 games (555KB) Star Wars, Microprose Soccer, Tetris, Joe Blade, Ikari Warriors, Afterburner and Bubble Bobble.
Connect 4 (260KB) Classic strategy game.
Dopewars (430KB) Cult drug dealing game.
Duck Hunt (1.95MB) Nintendo's classic on the PC.
Highnoon (695KB) Battle of the skinny showbiz queens
Monkey Spanker (765KB) Spank that monkey!
Name converter (30KB) Convert your name to your nickname.
Posh Birthday game (375KB) Make Victoria eat all the pies
Rabbit Breeder (415KB) Now you'll know were the term 'like a bunny rabbit' came from.
Salary Survey (185KB) Are you being paid enough?
Splat Pam (309KB) Splat Pamela Anderson with bird poo.
Stress Buster (1.2MB) The first of our stress busters.
Viagra (430KB) Download this and watch it grow.
Whip the worker (480KB) Excellent stress relief game.
win64 (175KB) Relive the 80's with this Commodore 64 emulator for the PC.
Worst Day (625KB) This is possibly the worst day ever!

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