Jaws (340KB) is back!

You row (740KB) in the lake not the office.

Calvin (250KB) boxers are very popular.

Jump in the pool (640KB) not across it.

Waaaaaaassssssuuuuupppp! (1.4MB) the GRANNY VERSION.

Fishing (380KB) sometimes leaves you with a fight on your hands.

The exclusive DJ Kat(440KB)

Arm Wrestling (250KB) can prove to be painful.

Are you Circumcised? (300KB)

Never cheat in a Bike Race (160KB)

Your head and a Crocodiles mouth (310KB) should be far apart.

When you arrange to meet the boys for some beers (250KB), make sure your other half is not standing behind you.


The story of how a cat attacked a baby is told in cat attack (860KB).

Does your neighbours dog constantly urinate on your car wheels?  Wet dog (590KB) shows how to protect your alloys.

Or you could blow it up. The dog (255KB) that is.

Don't be bullied into a car wash you don't need. Car wash (950KB) will give you a few pointers for the future.

Always look both ways when crossing the street. Well this poor Hare (200KB) didn't know the green cross code.

If you ever jump out of a window, always take your Parachute (830KB).


Watch The Driver (351KB) and you'll see that Schumacher always had skills.

What would you do if you're friend was electrocuteded while fixing a light socket. Would you think it was a joke (662KB).

The goal (930KB) every Englishman waited 34 years to see.

This is how NOT to react when you get a yellow card (930KB).

NEVER leave the baby alone in the garden (590KB).

I'm glad I never got on a school bus (785KB).

If you play with fire you will get burnt (645KB).